Saturday, November 15, 2008

Riding High!

This is a team calf roping event . It is a timed event. The calf is released from one chute and two cowboys come out of another chute. The coowboy in the white has just lassoed the horns. Now he will drop back and let the man in the red hat lasso the two back legs. The well trained horses will then stop, hopefully dropping the calf. One cowboy will leap off his horse and tie one front leg and both rear legs of the calf together. It took this team just 13 seconds. This is just one of the things you can see in
Valencia County. What unusual sports do you enjoy in your part of the world?


Puffin said...

Looks a little like Bush and Cheyney after McCain.

Interesting. I did not know there was rodeo stuff there. I'm looking forward to more such info. And where will the link to your "gorgeous and loved wife" lead us? I wanna see it!

Richard said...

First my lovely wife will have to agree to me putting her photo on the blog, okay?