Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is the municipal complex of the town of Bosque Farms. Today is a cold, dreary day, unusual for this area. If the truth be told, these buildings are not very attractive even on the best of days. But don't be fooled, Bosque Farms is really a nice place to live. Most of the homes are rather expensive and are attractively sat on one or more acres. There are a lot of trees and other greenery. Many of the residents own horses and the town boasts a nice rodeo arena. The main streets are paved and have horseback riding/jogging paths on the side. It is a pleasure to drive through the town on a warm sunny day and watch all the outdoor activiities taking place. When summer once again comes around I'll return and make some nice pictures to show you. Meantime,I am going to hide inside on days like today.

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