Monday, November 17, 2008


Valencia County has two main population centers: The Village of Los Lunas, the county capitol, and the City of Belen. But also there are many small clusters of homes, some with their own governing bodies, some without. It is all so casual. That is one of the charms of the area.
The Mid Valley Air Park is a group of aboout 35 to 40 homes set along each side of well-maintained and named streets. There are small one- and two-engined aircraft everywhere. Most homes have an aircraft hanger as an integral part of the house. Some have detached hangers, and those that have neither just park their aircraft in the driveway or yard.
When they want to fly they just start their engines and drive down the streets to the runway along the west side of the Air Park. Auto drivers beware, aircraft have the right-of-way on all roads in the air park.
The man in the photo above must love airplanes. There are two more planes hanging from the ceiling of this shed, one on each side of the flag.

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