Monday, November 24, 2008


If I were a devout religious man, I think I would head for this church to escape the
blazing hot New Mexico summer sun. The thick adobe white-washed walls would protect me.
This, as proclaimed by the plaque on the base of the bell tower, is the "San Antonio Roman Catholic Church." It is located on Los Lentes Road in Los Lunas, and is well over 400 years old. The Spanish, under the leadership of Coronado, trooped up through this area in 1540 in search of Cibola, the fabled city of gold. This church was built in the decades immediately following the conquest. Coronado's expedition consisted of the military to pacify the indians and the priests to convert them. The sword and the cross. But that is all past history, as I fear the the church here will soon be. A man working nearby told me the church was only used
for special occasions now. I wonder how many weddings and baptisms were held there over the centuries?
Are there such attractive churches as this in your neighborhood?

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