Friday, November 21, 2008


This is Montano's Restaurant in Belen. This is one of the joys of living in Valencia County. It sits about 75 feet off Main Street in Belen. The parking lot is not paved, and inside it only has 8 tables, seating just 32 people at most. On the walls the decor is kitschy signs saying things like "Never Trust A Skinny Cook." It is a family owned and operated restaurant serving excellent Mexican food. Large, steaming hot, delicious food! Some of the greatest Mexican restaurants are small and not impressive on the outsidie, but who cares? The stomach rules.
Most states have a state tree, a state bird, a state flower or some item particular to the state. In New Mexico, unlike anay other state, we have an Official State Question. The question is: "Red or green?" That is the question asked in every Mexican restaurant and refers to the type of chile you want on top of your food.

I am reminded of Cyrano de Bergerac who once said, "I wear my adornments upon my soul." The Mexican restaurants here show their pride with every dish they serve.
Do you have a good Mexican restaurant where you live?

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