Tuesday, November 18, 2008


To go to jail all you have to do is to commit a crime then get arrested. You will be taken to this brand new county courthouse (13th Judicial District of New Mexico) for your trial. If you are found guilty then you may be sentenced and serve your time in the the Minimum Security Penitentiary Honor Farm just to the left of the courthouse, or the Medium Security Penitentiary, just behind the courthouse. Lots of guards and barbed wire, bad food and worse social companions! In Los Lunas there are a juvenile detention faciity and an adult facility for minor miscreants sentenced to less than one year's incarceration.
Notice the green field in the foreground, showing the basic rural nature of the county. In summer, cattle graze here. Also, on the right top corner of the field, you can glimpse a small part of the railroad track which is used by the commuter train -the Rail Runner- which travels between Belen and Santa Fe.
(Photo taken with an Olympus OM-1n 35mm camera, Fujicolor 200 film, scanned with a Microtek 6000 scanner, and sized to fit using Adobe Photoshop 7. )

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