Thursday, November 20, 2008


These are middle class homes in a middle class neighborhood in a middle class city in Valencia County. Look at it! Check out the well-finished, curvy sidewalks, and the decorative planted here and there. What's missing in this picture? People. Where are the people? Compare this scene to a typical Asian city scene. In Asia (you pick the country and city) people are everywhere. Sidewalk vendors hawking their wares, food and snack stands, friends meeting and chatting. All that and more. The sidewalks are a place to become a part of the world around you. America is different. Except in the major cities, everyone drives everywhere. We are a nation of cars and trucks, and of laws that generally restrict and forbid those sidewalks vendors that attract foot traffic, and we seem afaid of the strangers on our streets. And we're the poorer because of it. Sometimes this country seems so cold, then I remembeer the street crowds thake Asian cities seem to warm and friendly, and I am glad that somewhere people actually enjoy other people.
Have you strolled down a sidewalk lately??

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