Thursday, December 25, 2008


SCENE: Tall, lanky Brother Dave Gardner (a popular comedian in the late 1970's) and his girlfriend are about to take a motorcycle ride.

GIRLFRIEND: Oh, Brother Dave, you are so smart!

BROTHER DAVE: That's right, honey. I know what is in every book in every library in the world!

GIRLFRIEND: What's that?


And here in the public libraries of Valencia County (in Belen, Bosque Farms, Isleta Pueblo and Los Lunas) are some of those words. Many people think that computers have outdated libraries, but that hasn't happened yet. In fact the Los Lunas Public Library (pictured above), to keep up with public demand for its services, just underwent a major remodel and renovation earlier this year. Through out the nation, the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation continues to pour millions of dollars into libraries for the purchase of new computers. You'll find millions of things in libraries that you will never find on your computers. Check out the library near your home.

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