Monday, December 1, 2008


This is one of the many, many busses that take the kids to school each day. Eleetary, middle school, high school -- it make no difference, they all get to ride no matter how close to the school they may live. I remembeer growing up in central Ohio and Denver, Colorado: every day, fair weather or foul I had to walk my way through freezing snow, rain, or blazing sunshine to schools that were sometimes miles from my house. The only exception was when attending Central High in Columbus, Ohio (in the 1940's), when in really severe weather, I would take a street car part of the way, then walk the last half mile. No school busses there. No wonder our kids are getting fatter and fatter, earlier and exercise! And our school budgets soaring out of sight!! How does the current high fuel prices affect the school budgets in your neighborhood?

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