Tuesday, December 2, 2008

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED , and is looking for water

Continuing my comments (in a previous blog) on the importance of water to this county is the picture of this 500,000 gallon water tank on the northwest side of Los Lunas. This is just one of five similar tanks holding an estimated total of close to five million gallons of water.

This covers the estimated water usage requirements for a small size town like Los Lunas. These tanks are kept filled by pumps that draw the water up from the aquifer beneath the town. I think there is enough water in these tanks to fill up my daily pot of coffee.

(The painting on the tank is the logo for our high school sports team, the Eagles)


Hyde DP said...

Water towers here tend to be made of concrete and not so brightly painted. This must stand out in the landscape.

Richard said...

Wait till you see the photo of a water tower on the Isleta Indian Pueblo, complete with a traditional Navajo design. I should have it photographed and posted within a few days.