Friday, December 12, 2008


Today I visited the Valencia County Animal Shelter, generally referred to as the Dog Pound. This is a shelter for all stray and abandoned animals, plus animals held there as a result of police or court action. It is modern, clean and friendly. You can find some wonderful pets here, witnesss the beautiful dog pictured above. He is very friendly and well-behaved, and about one year old.

All he needs is a decent human friend.....IS THAT YOU?? I hope so, because of the large number of cats and dogs kept here, they can only be kept for a short time. If you want a good loving pet the time to get one is NOW.

More information is available direct from the Valencia Conty Animal Shelter, or you can contact

Pick Of The Pound, a volunteer organization of county residents who give their time, energy and money to ensure the animals can find a good home. Contact them by clicking on or They will also gladly accept donations,which will go directly to the upkeep of the shelter facility and care of the animals.

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