Wednesday, December 17, 2008


If you buy a quart or two of milk in Valencia County, it might just it might just start on its journey to you from the Shady Dale Dairy Farm. This large dairy farm operation is situated on an extension of Los Lentes Road,between Los Lunas and the Mid-Valley Air Park, (In the distance are the Manzano Mountains. Valencia County's eastern border runs along the ridgeline of the mountains.)

The cows have put their heads through the stanchions in order to eat the hay that is spread along the road. When it is milking time, the work crew merely push a lever, which locks the stanchions around the cows neck, holding them in position so the crew can hook up the milking machines. Just a modern day adaption of the old wooden stanchions farmers have used for years. And the modern milking machines sure beat the old manual ways. Sure wish I had one when I was growing up and working on a farm. To me, milking by hand was the worse chore on the farm, especially since it was done in the early cold hours before dawn.

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