Thursday, December 18, 2008


My lovely wife and I visited the Philippines in March and April past. At one point, in the city of Dipolog, capitol of Zamboanga del Norte Province, I saw these two baby kittens playing in the street and took a grab shot of them as or cab whizzed by. I later asked a man about them and was told not to worry; someone would keep them till they got older and then eat them. That thought reminded me of the dog markets in Seoul and Pusan, Korea, in the years I lived there People would select a puppy from a cage full, and the shop keeper would butcher it on the spot and dress out the meat for the customer's meal. This is not a 'passed down story," I witnessed it with my own eyes severeal times. Then today, on Yahoo news, I read an AP dispatch about some

Chinese protesting the eating of cats. You can click on this link to read the story: I am not normally an animal rights crusader, but I think someone should bring this reprehensible activity to an end. HOW? Contact the Valencia County Animal Shelter (or your own local animal shelter) and adopt a dog or cat. You can get the address from my post a week or so ago. Make the effort, you'll be
glad you did. A few years ago the Jack-In-The -Box Restaurants imported a bunch of kangaroo meat to make their hamburgers with. Since that was stopped by the government, perhaps the next step will be to start rounding up stray cats and dogs (likse happened in Mazatlan, Mexico, five years ago) to sell to restaurants.
By the way, the dog I featured in my blog found a new owner the very next day after I published the pictures.

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