Friday, December 5, 2008


Today, December 7, is the aniversary of that sad Sunday morning 67 years ago (in 1941) when planes and submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy staged a coordinated air-sea sneak attack upon the United States military forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Other places, such as Hickam Field, Fort Shafter and Schofield Barracks were also hit. Over three thousand sailors, soldiers, marines, airmen and coastguards men lost their lives and uncounted hundreds were injured. Many naval and army nurses were aso killed or wounded while tending to the casualties.

This attack precipitated America's entry into World War II, which lasted over 4 years and caused millions of casualties on all sides'

The memorial pictured above is in the small rural section of Valencia County known as Jarales, and lists the men from there who died serving their country. On the other two sides of the tall triangular obelisk are the words Duty and Contry. The names shown on the base honors those men lost in the Bataan Death March, Wars I, II, Vietnam, Korea and elsewhere. and elsewhere.

A lot of good men from this small community died or suffered injuries serving their country during all those wars..

Why? When will the world ever learn? Remember Pearl Harbor!

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