Monday, December 8, 2008


One of the reasons for living in Valencia County is that the state of New Mexico has endowed its veterans with so many benefits. The state has a department of veteran affairs which is responsible for creating so many of these benefits, and pushing them through the state legislature.

I have talked with vets from many other states, and none seem so appreciative of the service veterans have given to their country as New Mexico. Here in New Mexico, veterans are respected and not treated like drop-outs from Cox's Army.

The state shows its appreciation in valuable, material ways. For example, vets who are certified by the US Veterans Administration, as being 100% disabled by a service connected problem, are given free license plates for their vehicles, for life , like the one pictured above! (If they wish the can have a label attached to the plate showing their highest military decoration.) They also get free hunting and fishing licenses for life, elimination of a large part of their property taxes. Veterans with lesser or no disabilities qualify for numerous other benefits, such as job training, and preference in hiring for state jobs.

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