Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As I write this it is almost 9:30 PM (2130 hours), and the weather outside is bitterly cold and very windy. Less than 5 minutes ago I put on my warm winter parka, my felt stetson hat, and charged out with camera in hand to take a photo of my neighbor's light display. All over this county, this state and this country, people have set up various light displays in their yards and on their houses as a way of celebrating Christmas. This display is not the best, but it is a long way from being the worse. One thing that particularly amused me about this display was the way the wagon wheels appeared to be moving.

You may wonder why there is no snow; Its because in this part of Valencia County we generally only get snow about two or three times a year. It may snow in the late afternoon or evening, but by 10:00 AM the following morning the snow is gone and the streets are dry!

I moved here some years ago from Albuquerque (just 25 Miles north), where they have a lot of snow every year. I am glad the snow is there, not here. I hate snow, but I know that my many friends and family members living in tropical countries like it, so if we get a bunch of it I will photograph it for this blog. Do you like snow? Why?

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