Monday, December 15, 2008


Today started out cold with dry, fine snow falling steadily. At about three o'clock my wife and I decided to drive to Albuquerque to do a bit of shopping. Heading north on State Route 47, we left Los Lunas just as the snowfall intensified. Shortly after reaching Bosque Farms the road was blocked by an accident. I was too busy trying to drive around the accident to pay much attention to it. I did notice that there police cars from Los Lunas, Bosque Farms, Valencia

County Sheriff's office and the NM State police there and police officers standing around in the blowing snow.

I commented to my wife that I would have stopped to take some photos but it was too cold and damp, and I wanted to stay warm. About a half mile up the street we came across another

accident. This one attended by 3 marked Bosque Farms police cars, 1 unmarked BF unit, and paramedics from the BF Fire Department.

Withoout a word to me my lovely wife grabbed a backup camera from the glove compartment and took the above photos through the front windshield.

What I want to point out is that the police officers and the paramedic crew did not hesitate to get out of their nice warm vehicles and take care of the injured and direct traffic around the accident scenes in spite of the horrible weather. Two officers were not even wearing jackets.

Having been a police officer once, I know from experience that after the victims are treated, the wrecked vehicles towed from the road, these officers have, at a minimum, another 3o mimutes of taking statements from witnesses, measuring the accident scene and writing citations and reports. All this in cold, wet, miserable weather. When was the last time you voted against a tax increase for our police?

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