Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is the Anna Becker Park, looking from south to north. It is right in the heart of Belen on the main east-west street, Reinken Avenue, just two blocks off Main Street. In warm weather the park is swarming with people. Around noon time many people bring their lunches here and eat in the warmth of the sun. There is a set of overhead bars, swings, slides and other items for children to play on. Altogether a pleasant place in which to linger.

Now for the mystery. There is a rumor that before this was a proper park it was just an open uncared for field in the middle of town. In the rainy season it was quite muddy and sunk low, something like a saucer. It is said that a local resident mired his Model T Ford where the gazebo (bandstand) now stands. The Ford sunk so low that it could not be pulled out, so the disgusted owner walked off and left it. The town fathers then had the park filled, drained and leveled , then laid down sod. The gazebo was then built over the spot where the old Ford is buried. Now, when a band is playing on the gazebo they say the echo of a lonesome Model T horn can be heard, wafting up through the tons of dirt.


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MK said...

Shame that the Model T was one of the most manufactured cars of all time, not a whole lot of resale value here, too bad it wasent a Dusenberg, it would of been worth digging up and it could of financed all of the citys parks! But they really built over a partially burried car, come on!