Saturday, January 24, 2009


If you live where I do, you can simply turn up your thermostat like most of us do. But, if you don't have a gas furnace you are probably using a wood burning stove. In that case you simply buy a truckload of good firewood. Trucks like the one above are a common sight around Valencia County. Selling firewood is a good job that provides good exercise in the summer when they gather and cut the wood (primarily from fallen dead trees) and helps supplement the family income when it is sold in the winter.

Valencia County is not a wealthy county, but it is a county filled with imaginative, hard working people. Yesterday, driving down Jarales Road, I saw signs hanging on fences, nailed to posts, and on front porches. The signs were advertising the skills and talents of Valencia Countians. There were signs soliciting work as a farrier (horse shoer), plowing work, and many other things. One home even had a fully equipped machine shop. There may be a depression but the hard working families of this county don't let it get them down. The attitude here reminds me of a man I met in Pusan, Korea. His life work was walking up and down the streets picking up scrap paper. He soaked and formed the paper into thick sheets and sold it to a hat maker, who used the paper as filling for the bills of military hats. The old gentleman looked me in the eye and proudly told me he had sent his three sons through college on the proceeds of his labor. No work is beneath a man fulfilling a goal for his family. And that is what men in this county think!

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