Sunday, January 4, 2009


Above is one of several similar trucks used by the code enforcement officers of Valencia County Animal Control . These officers have the unenviable, but very necessary job of not only patroling the county and capturing stray dogs, cat, and every other variety of wild life, but of also answering citizen complaints concerning cases of animal abuse. Its unfortunate but during the past year they have had to rescue starving and abused horses on several occasions. Some livestock owners unfairly castigate these officers, but I think they should be applauded, just like any other law enforcement officer. Pet owners who let their pets run loose have no grounds for complaint when their dog or cat is picked up. Many do not understand that stray dogs tend to run in packs, and pose a danger to livestock. Where I used to live in Arizona we had a major problem with dog packs running cattle and sometimes threatening people. It got so bad that many law enforcement officers would shoot stray dogs on sight. I really don't recommend that in Valencia County's semi-rural area, but I do think that some residents here should be more appreciative of the county code enforcement officers.

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