Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm back, and my camera is working now. Its time for another dog photo, folks. I hope you won't think I use too many dog photos, but I really hate to see the Valencia Animal Shelter so full of really nice dogs (and cats!), when they can make some family a wonderful companion. Today's dog is a case in point. Reina (means 'queen' in English) is a mixed breed female with beautiful markings. She is about 18 months old with a friendly, sweet disposition. She is also housebroken! She was so happy to be out of her cage for a few minutes that she couldn't hold still, so, two photos. One (with Nicole, a handler) so you can see Reina's face, and the other grab shot showing her unique markings. I sure hope someone takes the time to visit the shelter and adopts this wnderful dog.


Puffin said...

Glad to see you giving animal adoptions a boost, Rick. It's important and worthwhile.

And for a brief video of a dog saving an injured dog in Bolivia, try this out:

Rick said...

Check out the December 12th and the 18th blog. I was told that the day after publication the dog of the 18th was adopted. I will probably post one dog a month; I don't want to overdue it. I saw theh Bolivian dog rescuing the other one.