Friday, January 23, 2009


I owe a big "thank you" to my oldest son Michael, pictured here. The other day some rotten snake infected my computer with a virus. After being knocked off-line for a day and a half, I called Michael in Los Angeles. Following his clear, concise intructions I was able to eliminate the virus in just a couple of hours. Michael is a whiz when it comes to computers; in fact, he is an extremely sharp person in many areas, and I am proud to be Michael Kaehele's father. He is why you are looking at this blog today.

Now, back to farm equipment. The other day I was driving down Jarales Road NM Route 109) when spotted a house with the whole front and side yards taken up with old farming machinery.

This resulted in yesterday's blog about cutting hay. Today is another part of his yard, showing an old green John Deere garden tractor, probably from the 1960's, and another old farm tractor, brand name unknown to me, and it looks to be from about 1940 or so. All the machines here look old, rusted and tired. They have served long and useful lives, and when they are fully restored to like-new condition they will be the basis of a long overdue museum dedicated to the lives they have led and the farmers who used them.

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