Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In the United States this broad, shallow river is called the Rio Grande (the Grand or Great river)and in Mexico it is known as Rio Bravo. Here you can see it flow in a late January afternoon (the 13th, to be exact), southward towards the Gulf of Mexico.
Formed in the mountains of Colorado, and fed by countless springs, creeks and small rivers along the way and by the rains and seasonal snowmelt along the way it flows leisurely through the state of New Mexico, dammed up once, mid-state, at Elephant Butte Dam, near the city of Truth or Consequences (TorC). From TorC it continues its journey to El Paso, Texas (USA), across the border from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua (Mexico). It then flows south and east forming the border between between Mexico and the United States.
Along its many twisting and turning miles it provides life-giving water for countless communities. It doesn't provide grist for romantic-song writers like the Mississippi, Wabash, Ohio, Swanee and other rivers do, but it is just as important to every household along its way. We who live near it, love it.

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