Friday, January 9, 2009


The Village of Los Lunas has 12 parks, as near as I can figure. A large number for a city this small, but American cities (at least those in the west) tend to spread horizontally instead of vertically like those in the east and in Europe. We have more land available. The reason I chose Heritage Park to represent the city is because it is one of the few parks I have seen with a Dump Station where recreational vehicles can empty their sewage tanks. Having lived and traveled full time in a 5th wheel trailer for several years I know how important this is, and since this city is on many tourist routes, its important for RV-ers to know. You can see the children's swings, slides and gym equipment. Beyond that is a large field, kept mowed and green in summer, suitable for games of softball or soccer, and in the far right distance is a concrete skateboard arena. There is a nice park in Los Lunas by the banks of the Rio Grande (complete with large shade trees and picnic tables); another park features a BMX course for bicyclists who like racing and jumping. In short, there is a park for about every taste. So come, park by a park, and stay awhile.

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