Monday, January 12, 2009


It is a sign you see much too often on the roads in New Mexico, a memorial marking the spot where someone died as a result of a traffic accident. All too often these memorials bear the name of someone whose life was tragically cut short before it has really begun.. Notice the dates on this memorial; Heidi Mason was only 18 years old. Who knows what wonders she might have achieved had she lived? On the other side of this memorial someone has placed a fresh can of orange soda; perhaps it was her especially favorite drink in life. Drivers whizz by in their fancy motorcars paying little attention to Heidi Mason's memorial on this cold January afternoon. Why should they? Well, as John Donne said about the knelling of the church bell, It tolls for thee.

Perhaps if you don't drive a little more responsibly, with less alcohol in your system, the next roadside memorial will be the one erected for you.

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