Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), during a leisurely drive down Jarales Road, I came upon a scene that could have come right out of the Alfred Hitchcock movie '

the Birds.' The skies were dark and cloudy and it seemed like it would rain any moment. The temperature was in the low 70's F (20-22C) so I had the car windows open, enjoying the springlike weather. Suddenly I heard a great screeching and cawing, and a huge flock of birds swirled up from a field on my left and took to the air, further darkening the already dark skies. Then another huge flock soared in from the field on my right. The sky was filled with literally thousands of these birds. They were feeding off the leftover grain in the fields abutting the road.

I am not an ornithologist so I can't tell you what kind of birds they are. All I can tell you is that they are about the size of seagulls and seemed very very hungry.


Hyde DP said...

starlings do this kind of thing usually towards evening time.

Richard said...

I will go back there today or tomorrow and take my 500mm telephoto lens with me and get a ful frame shot of one of those birds so I can identify them. BTW: when I was a kid growing up in Ohio (1940's, mid-west of the USA) we called starlings "barn swallows." Do they use that term in the UK?