Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Pictured is a little item I picked up at Christmas time. An Olympus VN-5000 Digital Voice Recorder. Thirty Seven dollars at Staple stores. You can operate it with one hand, easily. It comes with one of those large folding instruction pamphlets, which tells you everything except how to tie your shoes. But don't panic, the operation is pretty intuitive, unless you are a real dimwit. It records from 22 to 39 hours, depending on what type AAA battery (included) you use. I find it extremely useful when I am taking photographs for the blog. I can't always read my own writing so this recorder is good for taking notes, remembering addresses,etc., and with its folder system it is easy to recall anything recorded without having to listen to a bunch of unwanted notes.

It has a built-in mic and speaker, but can take an auxiliary microphone and earphone. It is small; the size: 4"h x 1.5"w x .75" d (also known in the metric system as 102mm x 36mm x 20.5mm) and weighs slightly less that 1/4 ounce (63g).

My wife thinks it is a toy because I recorded her snoring with it, but I think its a tool because I recorded a short interview with it. You decide, toy or tool?

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