Thursday, January 8, 2009


I got the idea for this blog as I watched a man with a large 35mm camera and telephoto lens (and no tripod) trying to hold his camera steady in a strong wind. Taking pity on him, I lent him my Bogen Super Clamp which solved his problem. Like most people, me included, carrying a tripod around is a pain. This Super Clamp will carry a load up to 15kg (33.5 pounds). It is made by Manfrotto, in IItaly, and is sold under both the Manfrotto and Bogen names. I mount a Bogen 3025 tripod head (right, above) and use the other for strobes and/or umbrellas. My Bogen Super Clamps only cost about $20 each. The Super Clamp (without tripod head) is about 3.5" high, 2" deep, and 4.5"wide. It is compact enough to carry in my gadget bag or in my car's glove compartment, and it has saved my bacon several times when I really needed a way to stabilize my camera.

My wife calls it as one of my 'toys,' but I consider it an essential 'tool, 'especially for taking shots for the blog. I have a couple of other useful toys that I will show you one of these days.

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