Thursday, January 15, 2009

TURN YOUR RADIO ON - - - - - -

- - - - AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. Did you ever hear that old bluegrass gospel song? Its the kind of music generally played on small AM stations broadcasting to small local audiences. K-A-R-S, 860 on the radio dial is like that. It programs in both Spanish and English. Though not a religious station, it has regular morning devotionals. I've never heard rap music there, thank God, but they play a lot of the older country songs, plus a lot of rancheros. They have an interesting radio auction, where people can call in live with things they want to sell or buy. A small station can do those things. I got my start in radio in a station similar to K-A-R-S and did eveerything from rip-and-read newscasts, ad writing, continuity, traffic, ad sales, DJ and general announcing. If you want a career in broadcasting I suggest you start in a small radio station. TV pays more, but is more restrictive in what you can do, and is just not as much fun. Learn radio from the ground up. You can always jump up into TV after you get your basic radio education.

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