Friday, January 30, 2009


Those who follow this blog may recall me saying that this county is made up of many communities, most of which are not formally incorporated. Today I am starting a series showing some of these communities. I am starting with Las Maravillas, which is about 3 miles east and south of Los Lunas. One photo shows the entryway to the area at Marigold Boulevard off Manzano Expressway. The Manzano Moountains are in the background. The second shot shows an overlook view of the area. It is really a pleasant place, nice homes on big lots; most home owners here take pride in their yards and expect the county to keep up the roads and maintain its other responsibilities to the infrastructure. The utilities (electricity, gas, cable TV, telephone) are all underground, helping the neighborhood look nice. Homes here range in price from about $130,000 to $30,000 (give or take a few thousand dollars. The nearest full service grocery is about 3 miles away, but there are a couple of convenience store abut a mile away. The name, Las Maravillas, can mean 'wonders', 'marvels,' or 'marigolds:' you pay your money and take your choice! There are schools close by and bus service is provided free.

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