Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today we take a quick visit to the Cypress Gardens neighborhood. When it started out many years ago if initially consisted of a few attractive mobile and prefab homes. The developers quickly realized that mobile homes were not what was needed. Now they are mostly gone, having been replaced by conventionally built homes. Cypress Gardens, unlike the Meadow Lake area a few miles down the road, is now an attractive up-scale neighborhood. Homes here range from c. $100,000 upwards. Homes along Cypress Gardens Boulevard are protected from traffic noise by high concrete block and stone block walls, which is a nice touch. Notice also the street lights which are controlled by solar cells. Here again, as in Las Maravillas, all utility lines and gas lines are underground. The unique thing I like is because Cypress Gardens is built along a high bluff that parallels the Rio Grande, most homes have a full or partial western view of the river, the city of Los Lunas below and the large hill in the distance (El Cerro De Los Lunas Preserve), west of the city. Now, as the old movie travelogues used to say, "As the sun sinks slowly in the west, we leave beautiful Cypress Gardens. and the people who live in these homes along the river."

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