Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is Valentines's Day, and puppies need love just like the rest of us. His fur is a deep black, except for some white on his chest and a bit on one foot. Going deeper inside his fur may be black but his heart is red and fresh, just like the owner of the home this he wants. This dog is both shy and inquisitive, the hallmarks of a dog that should be easy to train. This dog is not alone. There are hundreds of other just like him in shelters across the nation and over the seas. Search out your nearest animal shelter. If you can't take a pet home, consider doing some volunteer work there. Dogs generally crave human attention and affection. You can wash and curry the dogs, or exercise them. There is always something that needs doing, AND YOU CAN DO IT!!

I have missed two days blogs due to some car problems. I think and I hope that the problems are gone now, so I thank you for your patience.


nanak said...

yes, i hope so.

kaehele said...

Two stellar posts, Rick. I heartily endorse the sentiments and hope they inspire some action among your readers. Well done!