Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As promised, here are the last posts on the flea market. The market is quicly closing down for the day, which explains the lack of people. Generally -for the best selection- you should get there around 7:00 AM. At about 2 or 3 PM (depending on weather) the market starts to close down. The man in the hat is in a good bargaining position because there are not many potential customers left. The name 'flea market' arises from the fact that if you buy clothes, be sure they are not infested with fleas.

Friends in countries where they do not use American western style (cowboy) saddles, such as Korea, Japan, the UK, etc., might be interested in the close up photo. Western riding style is very different from eastern or English style, therefore, the different style saddles. The first saddle is a working saddle for roping and general use. The tall horn gives you a place to hang your lasso on, or to give yourself something to hang on to in rough terrain. It is designed for for use with two cinches (straps that go under the horse's belly; note the two "D" rings, although you can use only one for general riding. The 3rd saddle back (all black) is a dress saddle for use in pleasure riding, show rings and parades. Note the excessive silver decorations. All saddles shown are used but in excellent working condition.

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