Sunday, February 22, 2009


At almost every Saturday and Sunday there's an informal outdoor flea market in Belen. This one is held off NM Route 314 just south of the fair grounds. This Sunday there were about 70 vendors selling everything from dolls to truck bumpers, CDs to saddles. Most vendors came by pickup truck, but there was one who sold out of his motorhome, and one who operated out of a converted school bus. Anyone is welcome; all it requires is a $5.00 entry fee from the sellers. Buyers can come in free. There are several vendors who are here every week, and some who may come only once.

I know of several flea market vendors who criss-cross the country, selling from a load of merchandise in a trailer they haul behind their motorhomes. For some people, this is a total way of life, similar to the gypsies of Europe.

I should mention that there is also another outdoor flea market in Belen, next to the ALCO store, plus one in Bosque Farms. Today I am posting 3 photos; tomorrow and the next day I will post some more, and show you a vendor who has some beautiful saddles and tack for sale.

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