Monday, February 2, 2009


Yesterday I showed you the medium security penitentiary and today I'm showing you the entry to the minimum security one, often referred to as the 'honor farm.' Prisoners kept here are generally non-violent offenders and are serving the last year or so of their sentence. Although abutting on the medium security facility, the honor farm is relatively open and, consequently, prisoners sometimes walk away. So far every prisoner who walked away has been recaptured. The longest a prisoner was free was about 3 years. He was brought back from Florida to serve the remainder of his sentence, plus additional years for the escape, in the tough main prison near Santa Fe. His relatives that abetted his escape were also tried, convicted and jailed for their involvement. Law enforcement agencies across the US are extremely diligent about recapturing escaped prisoners, and the penalties for escape are severe. Escaping from the honor farm, when you only have a few months to serve, is the mark of an exceptionally stupid criminal.

Both the minimum and medium security correctional facilities are on the southern outskirts of Los Lunas, right behind the new county courthouse. We hope you never become the guest of this facility!!

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neither. he was not a prisoner, he is the person responsible for roadway cleaning, but only in some specific street. and he was not alone, he worked in groups. they usually start work in the morning.