Sunday, February 1, 2009


This is Valencia County's most exclusive and restricted neighborhood, but since a couple of hundred, (or more) people reside here I think it comprises a unique neighborhood that deserves some mention. This is a part of the State Of New Mexico's penal system, the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility. It is only slightly less grim than the main penitentiary located near Santa Fe, the state capitol. This is considered a medium security facility. Prisoners here are generally slightly less dangerous then those in the main facility. At a casual glance it looks pretty open and easy to get out of. Look closer: The gatehouse is fortified and the guards there are heavily armed. On both side of it, under the striped bar are three rows of tire spikes that can stop any vehicle. Prisoners are kept behind the fence to the right. Unseen, but effective, is the higher fence topped with razor wire about a meter inside that fence. The long straight clear road from the gatehouse in allows guards in the watch tower a clear shot at anyone coming or going on the roadway. There are other precautions to prevent escape that are not so obvious.

If you want to come live here for awhile, just commit some seriously obnoxious crime, and plan to stay for awhile.

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