Saturday, February 28, 2009


The El Cerro Mission-Montery Park area consists of a swath of land about 3 1/2 miles wide by 1 1/2 miles deep lying directly south of Meadow Lake. Read my blog of 5 February about Meadow Lake. The only difference between Meadow Lake and the El Cerro Mission is the name! All else remains the same. See yesterday's blog about Poverty Lane.

The only centers of community activity in the El Cerro Mission district that I see are the Mana Mart (photo above) and the fairly new community center (photo also above). Part of the community center houses an office the county sheriff officers , who patrol the area, use.

A half block east of the community center is a fire station staffed mainly by volunteers.

Incidentally, I have always known this district to be called El Cerro Mission. However, teh map I use calls sit El Cerro Mission-Montery Park. I had never heard of Montery Park before, but that is probably not the first thing in life I have never heard.

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