Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The variety of fence and gate styles in this county is endless. The gate pictured here can be found in the village of Bosque Farms. These old metal wagon wheels are increasingly hard to find, and consequently, very expensive. Many of the homes in this village are sited on one or more acres of land, which allows the home owners space enough to have a pasture where they can keep horses or other livestock.
The most popular fence style around the county seems to be the standard chain link fence. If you are not familiar with the term, look at the fence on the left side of the photo. That is a chain link fence. Next popular style is the standard wire fence; wire woven in a square pattern. Wooden pole fences are also popular, and occasionally there are adobe block fences. Wooden picket fences are not too popular, probably due to their expense. Gates is where the real art comes in. Many gates have wrought iron decorations, others are made with old brass bedsteads. There is no limit to the imagination and how it designs new and innovative gates.

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