Sunday, February 15, 2009


This handsome, but scared, yellow young dog is a prisoner at the Valencia County Animal Shelter. The vertical lines in the photo are from the bars on the door window. I know exactly how he feels because I, too, was once a prisoner.
At age 13 I ran away from home and attempted to hitchhike south to Florida.
I was picked up by the police when the found me sleeping in a train station in south-eastern Kentucky. They took me to a jail when I refused to give them my name and home address. There I stayed for about two weeks. Like the dog in the photo, my hair was blonde. Like the dog in the photo I had to sleep on the floor with only one blanket to cover me or act as a mattress. Like the dog in the photo I was well fed. Like the dog in the photo I was treated kindly. Like the dog in the photo I didn't know what my fate would be, so like the dog in the photo, I WAS VERY, VERY SCARED. After a couple of weeks I broke down and told the police my right name and address, and a day or so later was very happy to see my mother walk into the jail to get me. I knew I would always be loved and cared for at home.
What about this scared yellow dog? Will someone walk into the shelter and save him? Will someone love him enough to take that step? Would you?

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