Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is a very large and beautiful home, set in a neighborhood full of other beautiful homes. But take a very close look at the photo. This house is about 3 feet higher than the surrounding terrain. Look at the steps; they lead down to the yard, just as the driveway slopes gently down to street level. This is a type of construction that one sees more often in the county, and the purpose of it is to raise the house above the "flood plain level." The idea is to protect the home owner from having his house flooded. The 'flood plain' is an artificial area which is subject to flooding from the Rio Grande, says the government. In truth, almost none of the areas have had the slightest flooding in almost 100 years. It is merely a way to squeeze money out of people dreamed up by insurance companies and crooked politicians and endorsed by an inept, corrupt government. The federal government mandates that all homes in the flood plain area that carry a mortgage must be fully insured against flood damage. Monthly insurance rates in this area average $100. The only way to beat this robbery is to pay cash for your home or to build your home on a piece of land above the flood plain level, hence the style construction seen in the photo above.

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