Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Even though I haven't counted them all, in Valencia County there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cottonwood trees. They are so common that you rarely pay any attention to them, unless a limb blows off one and smashes through your roof, or one falls across a road and squashes your brand new car. (Both of these things have happened!)

But every so often one cottonwood tree does something so different or is so strikingly different from its neighbors that is stands out from all the others. The tree in the above photo is a good example. It is in the Village of Bosque Farms.. With its entire weight of its bent-over body on one side it is defying all laws of nature!

Why hasn't it long since fallen? How can it keep bearing the continual weight and stress on just one side and not pull itself out of the ground?

Being warped and bent as it is, it provides a cool seat on the low horizontal portion of the main bough for passing pedestrians on a hot summer day....or a tree for kids to climb....or a place to tether the horse you were riding...and on and on. Just don't park your car under it on a windy day!

BTW, for those not familiar with the sight, the yellow thing at the base and left side of the tree, is a fire hydrant.

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