Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday I mentioned that one dealer arrived at the flea market in his motorhome, and here he is with his 'BUY, SELL, OR TRADE' sign and several tables full of merchandise. A comfortable way to go; he has a bed to take a nap in while his wife operates the sales end, plus a kitchen to prepare his snacks in.

Larry McKown is no slouch when it comes to flea markets, either. He is here almost every weekend. Here we see him comfortably seated and chatting with a friend. Good merchandise that sells itself, a good chair, a good friend to chat with, some food in the cooler and a refreshing drink................what more could you want?

Have a look at Larry's saddles and tack, framed against his trailer and pickup truck. He has saddles of all colors, sizes and designs, in addition to bridles, halters, custom twisted stirrups and other tack. Contrast his neat display with the display of the man in the motorhome. Each seller in a flea market has his own style of display; there are no rules or prohibitions except those mandated by law against pornography.

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