Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was on my way to the community of Meadowlake this afternoon when I saw this blue truck parked in a field with the sign "PIGS" in the back. My eyes followed the arrow on the sign across the field . Behind the fence I could see the pig pens, right in the back yard of the house. At first it struck me as funny and I smiled to myself. All kinds of thoughts rushed through my head: Does his wife like the smell? Do the neighbors care? Who cleans the pig pens? Wouldn't he rather be in some other business where he could keep his hands clean and live high on the hog (no pun intended)? Something like banking, teaching, sales, or just about anything. But jobs like those are not available now.

Then I thought about my blog of 23 January when I talked about the determination and self-sufficiency attitude of this county's people and how in even the tightest of financial times they will do whatever it takes to survive, and do it with honor.

Now when I drive past that place I give a tip of my hat and a mental salute to the man who has pigs for sale.

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