Monday, February 16, 2009


While visiting the Valencia County Animal Shelter on Saturday the van pictured above pulled in. I noticed the cages inside and saw a couple of dogs and a cat, all in small separate cages. Being curious, I started asking questions, and here is what I found. Periodically several volunteers take a load of dogs and/or cats to a local mall parking lot (or any place that has a lot of foot traffic) and set up the cages where they can be easily seen, and encourage shoppers to take a pet home. If necessary they will even take a dog/cat to the buyers home. This approach --take the pets to the people instead of asking the people to go to the animal shelter-- results in a lot of animals finding new homes. The volunteer can advise potential pet buyers of license and vaccination requirements and costs. Maybe this approach is old hat but it is the first time I have seen it; Its a simple, effective way that any animal shelter can institute. You don't need a fancy van. Any car or truck will do; all you really need is a willing volunteer who loves animals and can talk with people and has access to some kind of transportation.

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