Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Living in this high desert area has many advantages. Its a healthy climate and the weather is generally temperate. We do have one big bugaboo however, and that is the danger from fire. At a glance the river looks serene and harmless, and mostly it is. The danger lies with the bosque.

The bosque is the wooded area that frames both sides of the river . Trees of every sort, such as the cottonwoods, and brush such as the tumbleweed (Russian thistle) are nurtured by the waters of the Rio Grande. The trees and underbrush, growing thick and heavy, have provided shelter for wildlife for generations, and oddly enough, during the rainy season the lightening starts fires that thin out the brush. Now, careless man does it with cigarette butts, smoldering camp fires and just plain deliberate vandalism. Two years ago 3 boys started a fire in the bosque inn Albuquerque, which resulted in the loss of a brand new home, damage to other homes and the loss of hundreds of acres of bosque. Now a good part of the bosque is fenced off; no more riding trails, picnics, or walks in the woods. The pictures above show (1) the river as most people see it, and, 2, a close up of the matted, tangled brush (some of which shows charred wood from a previous fire). I hope you are caeful with fire; I like my walks in the woods!

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nanak said...

sure! I will be careful with fire :)