Friday, March 13, 2009


This sweet tempered little dog couldn't weigh more than three pounds soaking wet. In spite of that, he can help fill up your house with his love and funny antics. Ask Angel and she will agree. This little dog, who is about a year old, is a playful handful. A few minutes fun with him at the end of a hard day is better for your psyche than a psychiatrist -- and a lot cheaper, too. This is a dog that can really bring joy into your life.

Angel, who works at the county Animal Shelter, had a fun time playing with him today, and if you are interested in the dog, come down to the shelter and she will be glad to introduce you. Of course if this one doesn't fit your needs. there are a lot others, including a couple of litters of very young puppies.

Give both yourself and a lucky dog a better life: Adopt a dog today; it will be the best investment in companionship you can make.

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