Wednesday, March 4, 2009


One of the strangest New Mexico mysteries is called the Mystery Stone. Where it came from, what it means, and who wrote it are all mysteries. There are many different interpretations of the writing, and various explanations of who wrote it and why. The stone was known to the native American tribes before the Spanish conquest. One plausible explanation can be found in the book "New Mexico Mystery Stone" by Dixie L Perkins (1978), and other explanations can be found on the Internet. Let Google be your guide.

The writing seems to be a mixture of Phoenician, Greek and Canaanite, and is claimed to be written by an explorer named Zakyneros as he and fellow explorers were holed up and fighting bands of marauding natives. Zackyneros clearly expected to die in the attack.

The stone is on Mystery Mountain (appropriately named), which is on State Trust Land off NM Highway 6, about 8 miles west of Los Lunas, Valencia County. Specific details about the exact location can be obtained from the State Land Office and the payment of a visitor's permit, which I think is $25 for a family. Pictured above are Mystery Mountain and the Mystery Stone.


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