Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was in mid-December 2008 when the city council agreed to put up electric star on the downtown water tower, with the idea that it wasn't just another decoration for the upcoming Christmas season, but that it would stay lit the year round. I thought it might stay lit for a month or two but then someone would get bored with it, or claim it was mixing religion with government (a no-no in this country!), and turn it off.

Driving by the area tonight I was surprised to find it still there, so I hopped out of my pickup truck and took a quick shot of it with my Canon DSLR. I think it would be nicer if it were up higher on the water tower so it could be seen better in some parts of town. I imagine all the Christians in town have already drawn the obvious connections between this cross rising above Belen and the Star of Bethlehem that supposedly hung over that town on the night Christ was born. After all, "Belen" is Spanish for Bethlehem. ...........and to all a good night!


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