Thursday, March 12, 2009


Back on 7 March Curly, in his post titled 'Act 1' showed us the Theatre Royal which is in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is a magnificent structure, one any community would be proud of. (See ) I went back to the site several times, realizing just how long it has been since I was actually inside a live performance theater, and how much live theater has affected my life. When I lived in New York I attended hundreds of plays, concerts and other life performances. Here in the great southwest live theater is not easily found. The closest venue for the performance arts is in Albuquerque which has (or used to have) 3 small performance spaces close to the University of New Mexico, plus the university's Popejoy Hall. In Valencia County I have found no live theater whatsoever, and just one movie theater now, the Starlight (pictured above. Photo by Jasmin Whitman). I envy readers of this blog who are within reasonable distance of an active performance theater. I have decided that someday I shall visit the Theatre Royal.


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