Sunday, March 8, 2009


The small village of Bosque Farms has one of the best recreational complex I have ever seen in a town its size. The focal point is the Community Center building, pictured above. Behind it there is a small shaded park area with picnic tables for a comfortable place to eat on a hot summer day. Across from the center are fenced in tennis courts, a baseball field/soccer field, complete with bleachers. Then there is the horse arena area and rodeo grounds. I've mentioned before that many residents of this village have and keep horses on their property. The main streets are lined with horse paths, which are also used by joggers and bicyclists. This recreational are is kept in immaculate condition and is available to all residents. Bosque Farms, though it lacks a grocery store, has more good living amenities than most towns 4 or 5 times bigger. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to mix an equestrian lifestyle with small town life.
Photo by Jasmin Whitman
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